History of the origin of the company's direction
Traction of the spine in water provides a curative effect on the spine by pulling (tracting). It effectively removes pain syndrome from strangulated intervertebral discs!

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Our equipment


Devices in the Alcyone water are registered in the State Register of Medical Equipment (No. 13069/3013), approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan, the Trade Delegation of Georgia, the Congress of Physiotherapists and Balneologists of the Crimea, International Medical Forum MEDComplex, Congress of Orthopedists - Traumatologists Ukraine, numerous clinical sanatoria of Ukraine, doctors of Georgia and Israel. Our equipment is used in more than 70 medical institutions, military hospitals, sanatoria. Patents for inventions of Ukraine and other countries have been received.

Products are exported.

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Apparatus underwater Extraction Spine «Alciona» - often help to avoid surgery!

Indications for use:
  • Osteochondrosis of lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Hernia of Schmorl
  • Lumbago, lumboishalgia, lumbargia
  • The initial stage of Bechterew's disease
  • Violation of the biomechanics of the spine in connection with pathology
  • Deforming spondylosis
  • Disseminated radiculitis
Who orders the equipment for rehabilitation?
Military Hospitals, Clinical Hospitals and Sanatoriums
Health resorts, sanatoria and resort complexes, boarding houses, water and mud baths
Rehabilitation centers for athletes, private clinics, sports dispensaries, federations
Manual therapists, masseurs, doctors at the stage of setting up their institution

The specialization of LLC «Alciona» is the development and manufacture of various devices for traction methods for the treatment of the spine and joints

We produce several modifications of traction vehicles, among which:

The price of devices, for Ukraine, is 2-3 times lower than similar imported equipment.

Devices for underwater extraction of the spine "Alcyone" - the only one in Ukraine, entered in the State Register of Medical Equipment and Medical Products (Svіdotstvo №13069 / 2013 about the state rezhistratsіyu).

The first medical institutions that began to use the traction apparatus "Alcyone" were clinical sanatoriums: Berdyansk, Grove, Primorye, Carpathians, Slavyansky Resort, MRC Burevestnik of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Evpatoria), Yurmino (Saki), etc. The tests were carried out at the Institute of Pathology of the Spine and Joints. MI Sitenko of the NAMS of Ukraine (Kharkov).

Apparatus for underwater traction of the spine and joints, their development and manufacturing is the main activity of Research and Production LLC Alciona.
Advantages work with us:
  • Completion (includes filtration, heating, disinfection of water, as well as hydro and aeromassage)
  • Training
  • We take into account the individual characteristics of the customer (aggressive water environment, the shape of the pool, the size of the cabinet...)
  • Warranty service
  • Connectivity
  • There are two main ways to stretch the spine: dry traction and underwater traction. «Underwater traction» is considered more effective, because it has a more smooth effect, relaxing the muscle corset and does not cause the effect of «muscular counteraction»
How we are working
Measurements (description) of a room, pool
Drawing up those / tasks
Signing of the contract
Delivery of equipment
30 - 90 days
Equipment connection, personnel training

The installation of equipment for underwater traction "Alciona" includes the manufacture, supply, commissioning, training of personnel.
Before the commencement of work, a contract is drawn up, and a technical assignment is prepared.
We will provide: equipment, passport, instructions, methodical manual, copy of the Certificate of the state registration.
Preliminary, the Customer and the Contractor specify the location of equipment for underwater traction, the availability of communications (water supply and discharge, location of lighting, electricity, etc.).

The dispatch of the equipment set is carried out within 90 banking days from the day of receipt of the advance payment to the account of the Contractor.

The models of stand-alone kits are compact, take up little space, they are reliable and easy to use, easy to clean, have temperature adjustment procedures, do not have weights and allow you to smoothly increase and decrease the load, carry out traction in radon chloride sodium, iodine-bromine waters, which enhance the therapeutic effect.
Available modifications, "Alciona" kits can be installed in swimming pools and medical pools, as well as in any cabinets of water procedures in the form of vertical mini-pools and horizontal baths.
In the designing of new models, the main doctors of medical institutions, neuropathologists, balneologists, surgeons, honored inventors of Ukraine are involved. Developments are patented abroad. Demand for "Alciona" kits is growing rapidly.
Card of developments introduction
350 грн
Рекомендуемая стоимость процедуры
4 - 12
Количество процедур / день
120 - 360
Количество процедур / 30 дней
42000 - 126000 грн / мес
Выторг в месяц
14000 - 42000 грн / мес
Выторг с 1 кв. метра
3 - 7 мес
Срок окупаемости аппарата с ванной
Будучи компактными, аппараты вытяжения с ванной "Альциона 01В" (занимает всего 1м/кв площади помещения) и "Альциона 02В" (3м/кв площади), могут быть не только самостоятельным высокодоходным бизнесом, а и существенно увеличить рентабельность любого ортопедического, физиологического, массажного, реабилитационного кабинета. Так же, мы проводим обучение Вашего персонала для работы с аппаратами «Альциона»
Киев, ул. Ванды Василевской, д. 4
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